Where Not to Look for Money — And Where You’re More Likely to Find It – In Qatar

In Qatar, entrepreneurs can save time and angst by looking beyond banks and other mythical sources of startup capital. According to Entrepreneur.com, one of the major obstacles entrepreneurs face in starting a business is raising the money they need. It … Continue reading

5 Tips on Pitching Angel Investors – In Qatar

Ben Yoskovitz’s .instigatorblog.com is a great resource, he states… …I’ve written about pitching investors before. And I’ve also posted some common questions investors will ask during the investment process. The points I made in both posts remain true, but here … Continue reading

How to Find the Right Investor for Your Business in Qatar

Entrepreneurs looking for investors in Qatar often feel they can’t be choosy. If they need money, their reasoning goes, they have no business turning away anyone who has it. Angel investor David Cohen, co-founder of the Boulder, Colo., startup accelerator … Continue reading

Match The Industry Experience of Your Angel Investor – In Qatar

In Qatar a business is more likely to succeed if you have one or two people with prior experience in the industry area you are pursuing. If one of these people happens to be your angel investor then their experience … Continue reading

Five Worst Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Pitching Angel Investors – in Qatar

An effective elevator pitch can be crucial for entrepreneurs trying to secure funding from angel investors in Qatar. The goal of the pitch, says Entrepreneur.com — written or delivered face-to-face — is to briefly share the “who, what, where, when, … Continue reading

Ten Tips to Appeal to Angel Investors – in Qatar

While Tri-State Private Investors’ Network offers the following ten tips, we particularly like No 3. because in our experience it’s common for entrepreneurs to believe that their idea unique and precious, when the reality is that ‘good ideas’ are commonplace … Continue reading