Starting a Business in Qatar

Qatar is an attractive country in which to do business.  In most cases, you will need a Qatari sponsor in order to win or bid for any contract.  While some sectors allow 100% foreign ownership, this is under ministerial discretion. So, in practice, depending on whether you intend to have a permanent presence in the region or bid for a one-off contract, you may need to be under the sponsorship of a local person or company.

We can advise on the most effective status for your company. Depending on the business, we may also be able to introduce you to local investors.

Doing business in a different country can be a daunting task.  However, we believe that our ‘hand holding’ approach will take most of the anxieties out of the process for you.

There are some basic facts you need to be aware of…

If you want to have an office in Qatar then you will need to form a company.  Establishing an LLC  (Limited Liability Company,  sometimes termed, WLL, With Limited Liability Company) is the most popular form of company registration for a foreign company seeking a presence in Qatar.

In the majority of cases non-Qatari nationals are not permitted to own businesses outright, and a majority Qatari partner is required who will have a 51% stake of the company.

Even when ownership of a Qatar company is on a 49-51 percent basis, it is usually understood that the Qatari partner will not take a 51% share of the profits.

In Distinction, we understand that a flexible structure, which reflects the amount of work that both of our companies put into developing and creating new businesses, is the most equitable system.

Sponsorship & Work Permits

All expatriate workers in Qatar require a residency permit and will need a Qatari sponsor to obtain a work permit.

Every business is individual, the more background information you can give us, the more we will be able to assist.  Drop us an email to

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