Distinction International is a site through which entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and local sponsors can connect to each other and find the right partner to do business with. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs and their startups find the funding but also the guidance they need in order to increase their chances to become successful. At the same time, we want to offer investment seekers the opportunity to easily find businesses in which they can invest. All this done through a web portal and with the assistance of our matching system. 

  • Entrepreneurs can register for a free account, fill in the information about their background and about their startup and instantly get exposure to a wide range of angel investors, local sponsors and mentors. Distinction International also gives a chance for entrepreneurs to showcase their startups in a variety of ways and get targeted exposure to business persons from around the globe.
  • Investors, local sponsors and mentors can browse through the profiles of entrepreneurs, examine all the details about the startups they are interested in and get in touch with entrepreneurs and other investors.

We have created a multidimensional and powerful matching system that will help you find the best correspondences for your profile, whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor. Our tool works only for registered members, both free and paid. Only paid members have full access to the results of the matching system and also the opportunity to contact other members. 

Our team

Dave Trevena

DistinctioDave Travenan Qatar was started in 2008 by Dave Trevena when he located to Qatar with his wife Elaine Gold.  Dave’s aim was to help local entrepreneurs to find the right support to get their business started, and also to assist businesses from other countries to find the right sponsor to help them set up their company in Qatar.

Sadly, Dave died suddenly in July 2013, and Distinction Qatar became part of Distinction International, a group of consultants and experts located in different countries across the globe, as well as Qatar.  Dave’s dream was always to form a company of like-minded individuals, who shared the same vision and who would each benefit from the success of the company.  As part of Distinction International, the website was re-launched in its current format in July 2014.

Whilst there are many individuals who make up the Distinction team, the people you are most likely to interact with are:


A young, self-made entrepreneur, Charis has been a member of the startup ecosystem for the last few years. Thanks to his entrepreneurship activity he has developed lots of different skills around businesses. He is the Chief Marketing Officer and Content Manager of Distinction International.

Charis shares the same dreams with the entire Distinction International team and he aims to help other entrepreneurs connect with local sponsors, investors and mentors.


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The website is under construction and will be available soon for public use.