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Frequently Asked Questions on Setting up a Business in Qatar


1. What will be the requirement from our side to open a LLC company?


Information is available online (


2. Will you able to arrange a silent sponsor for us?


 Yes we can find a suitable partner/sponsor.  We recommend partnering with someone who is more active in your business rather than a ‘silent’ sponsor, and Qatar authorities are encouraging nationals who are sponsors to be more involved in the business they sponsor (add something re sign-up on our new website for the ‘matching’ service.  Each sponsor is different, some are prepared to put money into the business, others will provide support in business development.


  1. Do we have to part with a share of profit to the Sponsor?


There are usually two separate agreements, the ownership agreement (51% Qatari to 49% non-Qatari) and a separate contract outlining the profit share.


4. What will be the Govt. fee to open a company?


 1500 for CR + 200 for Qatar Chamber + Bank Deposit for 200,000 QAR (depending on the activities in the Commercial Registration)


5. What will be your service charges for completing all the formalities?


We can provide a range of services, including consultation with our legal advisors, visa procurement and help with relocation.  Please let us have your requirements


6. Will you able to arrange office space for us?


Yes we can get you some options


7. What will be the time for opening a firm?


One day if you have all the documents ready


Thank you for your interest

Distinction International Team


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